How Well Do Dog Training Pads Work?

Under ideal conditions, the most convenient and least expensive ways to train a puppy might be the old ways. However, a new product called puppy training pads has emerged on the market. Some people say they have been very effective and worth a bit of extra trouble and expense. In fact, fans of this product seem almost as excited about dog training pads as they are about their beloved pets.

The Old Way Of Training Dogs To Potty Outside

Getting a new puppy or dog usually means taking the dog outside frequently. When Fido or Fluffy does his business in an appropriate place, he or she gets praise or even a treat. When the new puppy is caught making a mess inside, it’s time to take him outside.

While this method works fairly quickly for most dogs, it takes time and there are also bound to be a few accidents. People who can’t be home most of the time still have to confine their pooch to a crate or other safe area in case of accidents. Old, sick, or disabled pets may not be able to make it outside frequently enough. This can also be a problem if the owners suffer from infirmities.

In fact, some dog owners confine their pets to a crate or kennel all day to prevent accidents. Typically, dogs won’t mess in their own space, but untrained dogs may be eager to find a nice spot of carpet. While crating a dog may be the right solution for some, it might not actually teach the dog where he needs to potty.

Using Pads To Train Puppies To Poo Outside

These pads are made out of different substances. Mostly, they are made of absorbent paper. However, you can also buy pads that are environmentally friendly and woven out of grass or other plants. Besides an absorbent material, some come with a certain smell that humans won’t pick up on but is supposed to attract dogs when they need to do their business.

Even though they may contain an attractant, some pet owners say they need to encourage their dog to use them at first. This is particularly true of young puppies. For example, the owner may need to place a puppy or small dog on the pad when he seems ready to potty. After catching a puppy having an accident, it’s also a good idea to move the puppy to the pad to give them the idea that they chose the wrong spot to answer the call of nature.

After the dog gets used to using the pad inside, they might be moved closer to the door. The last step is moving the pad outside to a spot where a dog’s business is allowed. Finally, the dog should learn to potty outside without the pad.

Using Dog Pads For Older Or Sick Dogs

With older, infirm, or sick dogs, it might not be possible to take the pads outside. However, they can give the incontinent or feeble dog a safe place to poo. This keeps the dog’s owners from having to worry about stains on the carpeting, but the pads may end up being a permanent solution for some aging dogs. Even though the pads are an added expense, they are surely cheaper than new carpet.

Are Puppy Training Pads A Good Solution?

There doesn’t appear to be one ideal solution for all dog owners or all dogs, but it’s worth it to take a look at the benefits of using pads. This is particularly true if the old-fashioned training methods just aren’t working out because of your situation or your dog.

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I often see dogs at the beach or in dog parks on a leash, and I wonder why their owners feel the need to keep them on a 4” or 6” leash, even in a large, restricted area. I also see owners who don’t let their dogs stop to use the bathroom, or pause to smell something interesting or play with another dog. Most of the time, the dogs aren’t even trained to walk on their leash, and you’ll see their owner tugging on their dog’s neck, trying to make it listen.

I cannot tell you how much this irks me, mostly because I have put myself if the dog’s paws – and that makes me feel as trapped and as hurt as they do.

Because of my job at Neo-Paws, I travel around the world quite a bit, and I’ve seen a lot of animal neglect.

For the past ten years, possibly longer, people have been breeding and buying dogs because they’re “cute”, and to serve one function – that is, to take away a loneliness that many people suffer from.

To be perfectly honest, owning a dog can be considered a selfish act. That’s because many of us don’t give back to our best friends as we should. We tend to become distracted by our families, work, or other responsibilities. There always seems to be something that keeps us from taking care of Rover the way we should be.

At present, there are no governing laws about who can or cannot own a pet, nor are there restrictions on who can breed or sell pets. Most of the time breeders are selling dogs to people who don’t understand what they are getting into.

Are you taking proper care of your dog?

Ask yourself this:

Does your dog get enough exercise (about 2 hours a day)? Regardless of their size, dogs need to get out, smell, play and mark their territory. They are not hamsters and gerbils – they are dogs.

    1. Does your dog get enough exercise (about 2 hours a day)? Regardless of their size, dogs need to get out, smell, play and mark their territory. They are not hamsters and gerbils – they are dogs.
    2. Does your dog get the opportunity to play with other dogs? Socialization is hugely important, and it keeps them healthy!
    3. Do you feed your dog a high quality dog food loaded with vitamins and minerals that is high in protein?
    4. Do you always remember to keep a bowl full of fresh water around for your dog?
    5. Do you play with your dog every day and show him or her how much she is loved? Do you hug your friend and give him or her lots of praise?
    6. Do you make sure your dog is comfortable and protected in harsh climates and weather conditions?
    7. Do you take your dog to the vet when he or she is sick?
    8. Do you make sure your dog’s eyes are clean?
    9. Do you groom and bather your dog regularly?
    10.  Do you trim you dog’s nails when they get too long?

Owning an animal, any kind of animal, is a big responsibility. I urge any of you who don’t apply these ten basic rules to please make an effort to take care of the one creature who probably loves you the most.



Dog boots: protect and keep your dog warm in winter

If you reside in a part of the world which has a true winter climate, that persists for long time then you in that climate you protect your hands, fingers, toes along with yourself from the chilly winter. Keeping yourself warm is sensible for you, why should not it also add your dog’s toes warm too?

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Dog boots and shoes for all occasions

Do we put on types of sneakers when you go to activities, athletics, institution, work, climbing, as well as in rain? Certainly, we do because various circumstances have different needs, and we want to get into character properly. Moreover, we shouldn’t look out of place by making our toes un-pampered, do we? That’s the reason most of us have all versions of boots and shoes within our selection from flip-flops, shoes, high-heels, water boots and many more.

Do we care the same about our dogs? If you live in a place where there’s consistent water and snow, you should buy dog boots or dog shoes for action in water, sleet or snow. Dog boots are no longer a design report. Whether it is freezing ice, snow or hot road, dog shoes and dog boots really are a requirement.

Snow, stones and real wood need higher protection for your canine’s toes. Thus, you will discover dog boots and shoes developed to give all climate security to your dog. They can ease on and off easily because they have Velcro accessories for an easy fit. If your pet is being affected by a base damage, then there are dog boots that aid in treatment and make eye-catching equipment too.

Most of the all climate security dog boots are manufacture in order to endure the hard climate. These all climate dog boots and shoes provide sturdy, long-lasting security during outside actions. Dog boots keep toes safe and dry and help avoid accidents from warm, ice cool, ice, sea, stones and hard elements. They are developed with mesh, water-repellent clothing with robust natural leather toes and toes. Flexible, ribbed knit cuffs add relaxation, and bands that are adaptable keep sneakers' firm and protected. Attractive echoing to remove improves awareness.

You can also discover non reusable natural plastic dog footwear known as Paws Dog Shoes or boots that offer fantastic protection at a great price. Kneepads Dog Shoes, known as the Nike in the dog shoes' world could perhaps be the biggest created dog shoes and dog boots you will get. From snow dog boots and dog shoes to security from the hot summer time warm, to heated dog sneakers, Kneepads has it all!

There are special dog boots and shoes, which are developed to process wetness in case your dog is in an addiction of paw licking. Dog boots and shoes are generally available in a range of colors, elements and dimensions.


Selecting dog sweaters and jackets

While purchasing the jackets or sweaters for household dogs is easy, the purchasers should have a broad range of elements in mind so that they create the finest choice since they will discover a large range of dog sweaters and jackets, they need assistance on how to get the optimal outfits for their household pets. The selection is reliant on unique such as the objective, design and price.

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Keep your dog warm with dog sweaters and jackets

Most dog sweaters and dog jackets fit in with several loosely-designated types, generally. Complete or half-pullover knit tops are well-known components for dog going on again several generations and up. Most of them are designed from normal materials such as normal cotton or fleece cover or being a mix. They usually go on without many problems, except each dog squirm. But usually there’s no actual fussing via the dog or the supplier.

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Dog sweaters and dog jackets for the winter season

Winter time is as hard on pets as it is on us. Sometime winter becomes so harsh and severe and people feel the coolness and sometime get sick due to the freezing weather; same as like human dogs also feel cold and can be exposed to sickness due to cold weather very easily. Winter weather sweaters for dogs are created to keep your dog heated and warm through the winter.

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How to select dog sweaters and dog jackets for your dog

When you have a plan for a walk on the winter evening with your dog then you can’t forget to wear sweater or jacket to keep yourself warm just like the same your dog also requires a dog sweater or dog jackets to feel heated and relax in chilly winter evening. However, you must know what kind of dog sweater or dog jacket is required and what you have to select, which is more comfortable and give proper warmness for your dog. Below are certain details which you must adhere to make sure you opt for the best to keep your pet heated and at relieve on a freezing day.

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