Neo-Paws™ saves handicapped dogs

All too many times we are faced with our pets going through changes in their physical bodies, young and old. Owners are also faced with making many difficult and costly decisions to help their Best Friends.

At Neo-Paws we are dedicated in making your Best Friends more comfortable in their not so comfortable states. This is what this company thrives on, helping you, help them !

Some of the most common ailments are:

  •   Hip Dysplasia
  •   Degenerative myeolopathy
  •   Dragging Paws
  •   Slipping on slick surfaces
  •   Missing limbs
  •   Orthotics
  •   Stubs instead of paws
  •   and so many more

Below we are presenting some of these conditions and how we have remedied them:

We invite you to share your stories and pictures and/or videos with us !

This is what a dog’s paw looks like while running without protection.

Don’t let this happen to your dog – please use shoes!

A first time boot wearer:

Bob came to Neopaws with his 14-year-old dog who was dragging his paws and needed our help.

This picture is of a paw that ‘knuckles’. Typical condition for any dog that experiences degenerative mylopathy or any nerve damage to the spinal cord or nerves. This dog is 14 years old and still, besides his handicap, loves to go, go and go!!! So the owner came to us to find a solution to his Best Friend’s problem.

We suggested our indoor & outdoor summer shoe. It is lightweight and breathable and will help keep the paw in place for most of the walk, until the dog may get too tired to lift at all; but the shoe will definitely protect the toes and top of foot from scrapes and scratches.

Without these shoes, Spencer cannot walk on slippery floors without falling. Please watch the video.

Is your dog experiencing problems? Based on their condition, we have a number of options to help tem out! You could try our Summer Reinforced Energy shoes, the Neoprene Orthopaedic High Performance Outdoor shoes, as well as the Summer Indoor/Outdoor shoes. Additionally, we also carry other helpful items such as Shoe Goo (for shoe repair or added strength), the Bottoms-Up Leash, and Sasha’s Blend (an incredibly effective joint lubricator).