How Well Do Dog Training Pads Work?

Under ideal conditions, the most convenient and least expensive ways to train a puppy might be the old ways. However, a new product called puppy training pads has emerged on the market. Some people say they have been very effective and worth a bit of extra trouble and expense. In fact, fans of this product seem almost as excited about dog training pads as they are about their beloved pets.

The Old Way Of Training Dogs To Potty Outside

Getting a new puppy or dog usually means taking the dog outside frequently. When Fido or Fluffy does his business in an appropriate place, he or she gets praise or even a treat. When the new puppy is caught making a mess inside, it’s time to take him outside.

While this method works fairly quickly for most dogs, it takes time and there are also bound to be a few accidents. People who can’t be home most of the time still have to confine their pooch to a crate or other safe area in case of accidents. Old, sick, or disabled pets may not be able to make it outside frequently enough. This can also be a problem if the owners suffer from infirmities.

In fact, some dog owners confine their pets to a crate or kennel all day to prevent accidents. Typically, dogs won’t mess in their own space, but untrained dogs may be eager to find a nice spot of carpet. While crating a dog may be the right solution for some, it might not actually teach the dog where he needs to potty.

Using Pads To Train Puppies To Poo Outside

These pads are made out of different substances. Mostly, they are made of absorbent paper. However, you can also buy pads that are environmentally friendly and woven out of grass or other plants. Besides an absorbent material, some come with a certain smell that humans won’t pick up on but is supposed to attract dogs when they need to do their business.

Even though they may contain an attractant, some pet owners say they need to encourage their dog to use them at first. This is particularly true of young puppies. For example, the owner may need to place a puppy or small dog on the pad when he seems ready to potty. After catching a puppy having an accident, it’s also a good idea to move the puppy to the pad to give them the idea that they chose the wrong spot to answer the call of nature.

After the dog gets used to using the pad inside, they might be moved closer to the door. The last step is moving the pad outside to a spot where a dog’s business is allowed. Finally, the dog should learn to potty outside without the pad.

Using Dog Pads For Older Or Sick Dogs

With older, infirm, or sick dogs, it might not be possible to take the pads outside. However, they can give the incontinent or feeble dog a safe place to poo. This keeps the dog’s owners from having to worry about stains on the carpeting, but the pads may end up being a permanent solution for some aging dogs. Even though the pads are an added expense, they are surely cheaper than new carpet.

Are Puppy Training Pads A Good Solution?

There doesn’t appear to be one ideal solution for all dog owners or all dogs, but it’s worth it to take a look at the benefits of using pads. This is particularly true if the old-fashioned training methods just aren’t working out because of your situation or your dog.

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