In Memoriam


After ten years, Buster, one of the Neo-Paws mascots, sadly passed.

Buster - windswept!

After ten years, Buster, one of the Neo-Paws mascots, sadly passed.

It is to my saddest regret to share with you that on March 1st, 2004 at 3:02 am, one of my most precious friends has passed from this life to another.

6 weeks ago, Buster was diagnosed with oral melanoma - cancer of the mouth, a terminal illness leaving us with no known cure, no hope.

After much research and learning of what cancer really is and how people have cured this viscious disease naturally, I spent his last five weeks healing, healing and healing.  Anything and everything from diet change to buying Royal Raymond Rife's vibrational frequency machine (cures everything and anything) to spending sleepless nights and many veterinary visits.....

By the fourth week, Buster's veterinarian, Dr Tanney (a heck of a nice guy) was prepearing me for the sad and unavoidable outcome.  Though he did say that he was surprised that Buster was still doing so well.....So I guess, all that hocus pocus stuff does help after all...

Anyway I wanted to let you know and ask that you send him off to 'wherever' with love and freedom and that he be remembered for the magnificent creature that he was.

He had stopped eating, walking and last night, drinking...anything.  It was obvious that hope was weary and decisions had to be made.

I contacted a pet communicator in the last few days, Claudia Hehr, and she was such an inspiration and help letting me know what Buster really wanted - and that was to go naturally on his own without any interference .  That was a struggle, because we are so needy to stop the suffering, our actions far too rapid, even for our own good at times.  The thought of him choking was absurd and cruel.  But to take his Life, ???

It was a miracle - last night , as gracious as he was, he remained.  Within exactly one minute while I had my back turned, he passed while laying on his favourite bed.  I couldn't have asked for a better way and a more loving gift from him to me.  There truly is a God, because I could have never put him to sleep - and my prayers were answered.  And it was so obvious how peaceful his passing was, for it happened from one minute to the next - almost as if a decision was took and acted upon.

So I thank him and the Universe for providing not only a miracle in Life by creating this dog that mastered his species, but also for providing me with a miracle of Death.

So much has been learned through this difficult process that it turned itself into an incredibly loving and joyous journey.

No doubt, there is sadness, though the reality is that we were given ten beautifully  wonderful years together, along with two other incredible friends, Mex and Oli .

My friends, love comes in many forms and none better than the other. Together they all give us what sustains us in this lifetime - a purity of heart and a selflessness comparable to no other way of being.  It is only when you can give to another selflessly that one becomes whole.

This incredible creature proved himself loyal from beginning to end.  As I hope in turn I have showed him the same respect.

His kindness will always stay in our hearts.

Remember, Live today and only today, because after all is said and done - Life is all about the moments, right here, right now.  The tomorrows just come automatically if it is written.

Thank you for sharing and being our friend before, after and throughout this process.

Love always,

Ronnie :)   Buster & Buster