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Ronnie, the terrain Whiskers runs on is so full of jagged rocks that it shreds the summer boots to peices in less than an hour. My comment on the boots is that there is no way that Whiskers could be doing 10-50 mile rides without them.
This is the only brand of boots that stay on. It is also the only brand of boots that last for more than a couple of rides. She has worn every brand of boot on the market and these are the only ones that work. I run into people on the trail all the time that tell me that their dogs wont keep boots on and that they dont like them.
I tell them that they need the good kind from Neo Paws which will stay on and have real soles like human shoes. Yes please do use the shots for the website. I can dig up some videos and send them also.

Monday 30 July, 2012

Hey Neo Paws!
We got the shoes and put it on our 4 Month old Siberian husky "Ranger" He loved his shoe. Yes, only one shoe. He had a bad accident when he was a month old or less where his right rear leg was injured. The injury stunted the growth plate leaving his leg shorter, and will always be shorter. Well, IT WORKED! we put the gel insert in and strapped the shoe on. Like any dog he wasn't sure about what was on his foot, but within 2 mintes he was running aroung the backyard with our two other huskys and one lab. It is making a very obvious "physical" difference. When we came inside, all hardwoods, that was where the difference really came into play. With his injury it caused him to tip-toe on his one foot and he would slide around. WELL, he doesn't slide around and can run and play full speed in the house TOO!.

When he was ready to lie down, we took it off so he wouldn't chew it or pull it off. We don't want him to learn to do that, as we plan to let him where it for most of the day and take it off in the evening when he goes to bed.
As He grows we will need more shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you and we will keep you posted. Because I know that I will probably have to eventually hot glue extra tread from my wife's running shoes that we are saving. It will be his little thick sole ortho shoe, just like people.

"Ranger's Dad"
I have attached a photo with his shoe on, note the big smile

Monday 30 July, 2012

The winter boots were awesome!  I'll probably buy the remaining
stock you have for those closer to August/Sept.

I LOVE those boots!! They are super awesome! 

And look at them sporting the summer shoes now!!

Caroline C.


Caroline Cedrone
Monday 09 July, 2012

Dear Ronnie,

I got Shadow's neopaws yesterday. 

I want you to know you have made Shadow and I very happy campers and a forever customer and spokes person for your miraculous neopaws.

I have tried other boots and Shadow hated them.I want to let you know about Shadow...he is my therapy dog and best friend.

We are advocates for pit bulls and HIV+ people every where.I was diagnosed in 1989 and with meds and Shadow and my other pit Miracle I am thriving.

Shadow has a problem with his front paws. He has grown an extra part on his one pad of both front feet. I am not sure if it is from age or genetics (I had his cousin which I showed to be a UKC GR CH) but he passed and he did not have this, anyway Shadow's extra part on his paw gets sore and causes him pain.I moved to Arizona where the ground is very rocky and hard, but yesterday to my wonderful amazement when I put Shadow's neopaws on he loved them and we went for a walk and he ran around like a puppy,this is a miracle because Shadow is some what of a lazy boy but he felt so good with his new shoes on he was holding himself like he did 5 years ago!!!

THANKS for such a great product and we will be forever great full!!!!! Take care,

Patti  p.s. when I get my other computer back I will send some pics of Shadow in his new neopaws!!!!

Monday 11 June, 2012

Hi Ronnie,

Here's two photos of my baby boy Brode in his Neopaws! They really help as he suffers from a corn on his left front paw, and as I want to protect his other paws from getting corns he has shoes on all his paws. Now we can enjoy our long walks without him limping!

These shoes really stay on and I can't tell you how many people have stopped us on our walks and commented on how cute he looks in his shoes! Thanks for making such a great product!


Shannon O'Rourke

Friday 08 June, 2012

Hi Ronnie,

I appreciate your attention to detail!

The shoes are great and help a lot. My dog is sore on the front end
overcompensating for troubles in the back end and he does MUCH better hiking
with his "magic boots."

Thanks again for the great customer service.




Monday 04 June, 2012

Barney really likes his new Doggles and he now loves his shoes!

It took Barney a little time to get used to his new shoes, but now he can run his fastest and jump his highest. The fit is good and they stay on his paws all day.The xs+ pair is not marked so I am glad I got red for the front and blue for the back
Thank You

Thursday 24 May, 2012

Thank you so much for making that work. Can't wait to get them on! This is Charlie on his walk this morning wishing he has some neopaws! Voki

Tuesday 22 May, 2012

Hi Ronnie,
Even though we have never met, I just wanted to let you know how your assistance and guidance was greatly appreciated.
We are saying good-bye today to our best buddy (Weber). His last year has been a bittersweet one. We know we owe Neo-Paws a big thank you for keeping him mobile and comfortable this past year.
Keep up the wonderful work.
Kat, Mike, and Weber Coughlin
ps. Here is a picture of Weber sporting his little red shoes. He was 15 1/2 years old.
Thanks again for making his last year a comfortable one:)

Kat and Mike Coughlin
Tuesday 22 May, 2012

Hi there,

My Swiss Mountain Dog Jacke is 4 years old and we adopted him 3 years ago. While he was in foster care escaping from a kill shelter he was hit by a car and broke his back hip. He had the surgery to fix it and is now our Robo-Dog. Unfortunatly for Jacke he has to wear a boot on one of his back paws and he drags it so bad his nails fall off and his foot is basically clubbed.
We have tried to successfully for some time have bought the neoprene boots of yours for his one foot at our local pet store. But now every pet store in our city Vancouver BC refuses to sell us just the one foot that we need. We do not want to waste one boot we don't need.
Jacke LOVES his bootie, when he sees it he knows its time for a walk.

Is there any way to purchase a bulk order of just the ONE SIZE ONE FOOT we need for our Jacke. We love your product and with him being 4 and planning on living forever I know we will be purchasing your product for years to come. We tell everyone about it the boots.
Thank you for making such a great product and for hopefully taking the time to read this email.
Devon O'Donnell
(Ps we told Devon that both the right and left shoes are interchangeable and the only difference is the way they do up - otherwise the soles are the same)

Devon O'Donnell
Tuesday 22 May, 2012

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