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Hi Ronnie,
Just want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful product!  The Neopaws dog boots
work great and you were right on with the size...thank you for your help with
this product. This is my 5th and last dog boot product I have tried and will
purchase...this boot doesn't compare to the other brands which my dog would not
tolerate.  He tolerates these boots and doesn't try to take them off.  You will
continue to have my business!
Thanks again! :)
Kim Nelson


Monday 28 November, 2011

Marla Burch 
I want to thank you for your awesome
SUMMER REINFORCED ENERGY™ ORTHOPEDIC SHOES. Annie is my 11 year old GSD. She was recently diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (DM) A disorder that strike fear into the hearts of GSD lovers. She is now on medication, vitamins and twice weekly walks in a water treadmill. While this is a slippery slope downward from here, I want you to know that with the addition of your shoes on her back feet, she is able to move about on my hardwood floors with greater ease. She tends to drag her toes when tired and the shoes help protect her feet as well. Thank you, thank you. Here she is sporting her "red ball jets".


Tuesday 22 November, 2011

Hi Ronnie,
I received the shoes yesterday. The shoes have really helped my Shepard walk on our wood floors, she no longer falls and already is starting to gain her confidence back. The other two pairs of shoes I purchased from different manufacturers would not stay on her pawsfor more than 10 minutes. I put the NeoPaws on her this morning and they are still in place, even after letting her play with our neighbor's dogsin the back yard.
The NeoPaws are going to greatly improve her quality of life!
Thank you!


Friday 04 November, 2011

These rain suits are FANTASTIC!!  They are perfect for us! 

Exactly what we were looking for.  I have two WHITE little shih tzu dogs and we live in the country. 

We go walking every day and where we walk is all dirt roads.  It if had rained, the roads get wet and when the dogs walk, being so low to the ground, they kick up loads of mud and dirt and when we are done they are so dirty I actually have to come home and bathe them.  It was so annoying having to skip walking for the
day or make a long 30 min drive to the park (which is paved) so that the dogs would not get filthy.  Now our problem is solved!  These rain suits fit perfect and keep the dogs clean.  They are thin enough that I can even use them in the summer without overheating the dogs.  The FIT is amazing and so is the quality! 
I am so happy, I can't wait until you get the snowsuits in and I will be buying those too!

Thanks for the great product and service!!
Laurie Walters

I attached a pic for you.


Friday 04 November, 2011

Willow can go for a walk! 
Hi Ronnie--

Willow has a neurological problem that makes it difficult for her to walk properly, and as a result she drags the tops of her feet along the ground. Taking her for any length of walk would result in her bleeding on the tops of her toes. So, we had to stop taking her for a walk.

That is, until we discovered your summer reinforced shoes. They are fantastic and Willow has been going for walks every day again!

Thanks a million,

Gail F. 

Monday 24 October, 2011

Hi Ronnie ~ Mom finally, FINALLY! found the time to send you pictures of me in my new shoes.
I really like them! So cool!
I was so jealous when Journey got his and I had to wait, but now we can show them off together!
WOOF! ~ Rusty
(and Cindy)

Wednesday 07 September, 2011

Hello, we received Scouts summer boots today, thank you for expressing them.
He's wearing them now, everything seems perfect,

Tuesday 30 August, 2011



Friday 26 August, 2011

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how Happy we are with the summer shoes we purchased for our dogs.
They allowed us to take our dogs 'Rocky and Ruby" on our boating vacation. The shoes fit perfect and never came off. Ruby did some swimming and she did great. Rocky is the black male and Ruby is the brown and white female
There was no damage to the boat (thank you)
At first we wondered because the dogs walked funny (I mean Funny!) Like you said after the first couple of times wearing them I think the dogs liked them. Please see attached pictures
Thanks again for a great product
Steve Stearns
Coburg Oregon

Monday 22 August, 2011

 We have horses so Scooby is at the barn a lot.  We want a pair for the barn and a pair for going for walks.  We love our Scooby and he loves his Neo-Paws!  Thanks for  having a product that helps protect him from dragging !! 


Wednesday 03 August, 2011

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