Customer Comments
Hi Ronnie,
   Got Lobo's boots today. I'm glad I ordered XL!
   I will let the video speak for us. This was first time he even saw them. I didn't get one on right but he was ready to go so I let him take off. I adjusted it later. He was really good with them and didn't mind them at all. Big surprise for me.
   They will for sure allow him to continue on his walks. He wore a claw to the quick and it was bleeding only days after I placed the order. So he was not going for walks until we got the boots today.
   Hope you enjoy the video.
This morning's walk went very well too. I'm only putting the boots on him for our walks. It was a great relief for me to walk with him and not worry about the damage he was about to cause to his toes and tops of his feet now that he has worn his claws down. I knew he was walking on borrowed time. Plus, I was being very selective as to where we walked as in looking for soft ground. Not a lot of that here. Now he will be able to walk anywhere within reason. Had I not got the boots, he would not be able to go for his little bush walks anymore. As I mentioned, he had finally worn a rear claw to the quick a few days after I ordered the boots.
   I love the boots! They look super cool and are functional. They look like little, high tech hiking boots for my dog! Which is what they are. They are not a toy. They are real boots to help out my best friend. The nasty spear grass is getting caught up in the mesh, but he needs the breathability of the mesh.
   Thanks so much for the personal attention and keep in touch! Great product. Lobo & I would love to give a testimonial. 

Thursday 28 July, 2011

Harry was a rescue that we brought back with us from Puerto Rico in 2010. He'd
had a pretty severe injury to the pad of one of his hind paws; a good portion of
the pad was gone. After working with our local veterinarian in trying to resolve
the injury we were then referred to Kansas State University Vet School where a
"pad graft" was done. The graft was successful but the injuries to his paw were
so extensive that the graft could not totally correct the problem and he still
has a persistent lesion on the metatarsal part of his pad. The neo-paw boots
were the best boot that I could find to provide protection to the paw in order
to avoid the lesion getting bigger. They accommodate the bandaged paw very well,
give him good traction and protection, and are easy to put on and once on they
stay on!

Wednesday 27 July, 2011

Hi Ronnie,

The shoes arrived today. They are awesome!!! The old man really likes his back pair. He is walking better and seems more confident on slippery surfaces. Our girl ran with hers after only a minute with them on. We all went to a park to start breaking them in. The girl and I will be in the field all day tomorrow. She will give the shoes a good workout. Thanks for sending them so quickly.


Monday 25 July, 2011

Subject: Awesome help and shoes for Duncan

Hi Ronnie,
Just a quick note: we stopped by your store on Sunday a few weeks ago and you helped us immensely with Duncan our Schnoodle.  Since he has worn the shoes you outfitted him with for a few days, his paws have healed and he has been walking fine without the shoes since then!  The salve you gave helped him heal immensely and he has enjoyed going for long walks pain-free.

Thank you again for all your help and advice, it has greatly helped Duncan and ourselves.
Vega & Simon


Monday 25 July, 2011


My new boots for my mini donkey arrived super fast and wanted to say thanks for the great service. 
Here's 'Burrito' ready to head off for a trail ride in his new boots.
Donkeys are native to very dry climates-Mexico, the American south, Sardinia, Sicily. BC is wet and muddy so the donkey's feet can get soft and vulnerable to stone bruising in this climate. We also have a lot of logging roads with rough rock so he needed some protection for his feet on trail rides. His feet are too little for horse shoes or for hoof boots made for horses. So your boots work great for him. 

He is my much loved pet and comes along on all our trail rides. He's been dubbed the 'spare tire' 

Thanks again! Love the website!

Deborah Camp
Vancouver Island, BC


Deborah Camp
Friday 22 July, 2011

Subject: RE: New Message From FIDO Friendly

Hi Carol,

The neopaws lifejacket fit my dog, Ben, perfectly!

He has a funny shape because he's a mini dachshund. This is the first one that ever fit him comfortably.

Feel free to post a picture of him on your site.

Thank you so much for the new design!


Monday 18 July, 2011

Hi Ronnie,
 Thanks so much for the Neo-Paws boots and the customer care you delivered. They fit perfectly, and actually stay on! Indy is very pleased with his new footwear, and I breath easier knowing he can't destroy the liner. His old boots came off both instantly and constantly, making his time in the pool very short. He swam with us all day and seemed to relax and enjoy the experience the longer he was in. We have attached a few photos of Indy showing off his boots today. Thanks again for your great product and concern.
Michael and Donna


Monday 18 July, 2011

I received the boots for my Bull Terrier. They are great. I thought I was crazy
for even thinking to get them. Frostee doesn't mind them at all and they stay
on. Hopefully this will allow us to continue our walks and help keep her
allergies under control and relieve her pain by protecting her pads from
blisters and sores she gets from the road.
I will be placing an order in the am for the back feet. I worry about not
protecting them.

Thursday 14 July, 2011

Hi Neo paws.
As i have friends in Canada (Orangeville and Toronto) who are able to by your
products for me and send them to me in germany, I must say, I loove them.
I have 6 dogs. from italian greyhound to australian shepherds..) one I have
therapydogs (3) and 2 sleddogs.. in summertime running inf ront of Trike or
Scooter.. See Picture;)

And the Rainsuit is great.. 

Thank you so much mit lieben Grüssen
Veronika with hope, Chilli, Nacho, Marie, Face and Grace...

Veronika with hope, Chilli, Nacho, Marie, Face and Grace...
Thursday 07 July, 2011

I purchased a pair of the back booties for my sweet chocolate lab who is terminally ill and is having
strength issues in her back legs.  The booties worked perfectly!  Ignore the red eyes!!  She doesn't look terminal, does she, lol ??? 

LOVE your product.  I've told so many people!!!



Wednesday 22 June, 2011

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