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I reviewed the video and realized that I was doing only one wrap around at the bottom so the boots were too loose.
This afternoon we spent 2 hours outside in the park. She ran in heavy snow, played and ran with other dogs, jumped on snow banks... I took pictures on house before leaving and after the walk just before jumping back in the truck.

I am very pleased

Thank you for all your help


Thursday 10 February, 2011


We love the boots, and got a great kick out of them prancing around house
(well, not exactly prancing, but acting crippled).  We have a place in VT,
where we do lots of snowshoeing - they get terrible snowballs between toes
(even with Musher's wax, which they love (NOT!) getting on and then eat
off - at least it is really good for my hands....), and it bothers them.  We
have been wearing some other boots, but they don't fit right, get turned
around and we lost 3 on our last outing.  We 've got about 3 feet of snow
here in MA as well as in VT, so we need them!

Thanks again,

Corinne Miller

Wednesday 09 February, 2011


I love the boots! And strangely so does Max! He stands nice and still for me
to put them on - I think he WANTS to wear them. My hardwood floors thank
you, and Max is happy to have free roam of the house again. :)

Thanks for your help.

Stacie Kling

Friday 04 February, 2011


I just wanted to let you know the backorder pair of Neo-Paws arrived in a timely fashion. I must say that I am really pleased with the quality of the product. A pet store here has finally brought in another style of footwear with treads in the same price range but I still think your product's design is still superior especially in the fit and how they go on.

The instructions provided with the packaging and your website videos were excellent and I had no problem dressing my 15 year old Border Collie. I have enclosed a photo of Shadow modelling the rear shoes and raincoat. As I had mentioned to you previously, she is weak in her rear end and was having difficulty walking on the laminate flooring without wiping out. She now trots confidently without any difficulty. Although the weather here is still cold and there isn't much slush I am sure looking forward to spring time walks and not having a wet sandy dog to contend with when we return home. I am so glad I found out about your company as I could not find a rainsuit or proper footwear previously.

Sheila Massi & Shadow
Thunder Bay

Thursday 03 February, 2011

Just wanted to let you guys know that my dog (very old, has a lot of trouble standing up on his own) is doing very well with his new sneakers! 

I'm only using them for the rear legs, for now.  Since I put them on him I have yet to arrive home and find him collapsed on the floor, unable to stand up.  These have literally been a life saver for him

Thank you!


Thursday 03 February, 2011

Gwyneth (aka: gwynethepooh) has not missed a walk in the park even with the current winer flurries that have piled up several inches of new snow.

Her Neopaws take her through the trenches of salted streets to the park where deep snow is no deterrent to herding squirrels. She is very pleased with what seems to be an expanding fan club – many pedestrians stop to admire her winter gear – & children often point 'n laugh "look at that dog!" Gwyneth is a 13 year old West Coast dog.  

This is her first winter here but she says she feels like a true sporting Ontarian pup with Neopaws.

Wednesday 02 February, 2011

Dear RO,
Thank you so very much for the speedy shipping! We received the boots today!!!
Tried them on Diva, and after a few minutes of doing the duck walk, is now comfortable in them and ready for the SNOW!!! "Bring it on" she says ;)

I will definitely bring you clients and appreciate your help. Enjoy the photos...
Your friend in DC :)

Tuesday 01 February, 2011

Ronnie :)

Thank you again, she loves em :) we can walk twice as long and twice as far :)

You can now brag that they work in -45 windchill with no slip on the ice :)


Tuesday 01 February, 2011

Hi Ronnie,
You were completely right about the XXX small being the proper size for both my dogs - great customer service!  In fact, even after I  cinched the boots tight  the Chi's microscopic hind feet tend to come 
out  of the foot area somewhat  - although it didn't slow her down  when she was running. I think when I measured her feet I mostly  measured fur. I'm going to try her with some tiny socks I made to see 
if that fills up the extra space.  Both dogs had a 60 minute walk in  the snow wearing the boots on separate days and although they acted  weird in the house they started running as soon as they got outside -  no adjustment period at all!  

Krista Hewitt


Monday 31 January, 2011


Absolutely the best service I've ever experienced. I placed an order by phone for High Performance shoes Thursday afternoon & the order arrived in the Friday mail. (Toronto to London)

The shoes are fantastic!

Thanks again. I will be a returning customer & I will certainly be recommending Neopaws.

Collayne Mills

Friday 28 January, 2011

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