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Hi Neo-Paws,
I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful product.  I bought a pair of your boots for my collie, Toby, and they arrived just before Thanksgiving.  We live in Wisconsin and walk 2-4 miles per day and they are wonderful for keeping the salt off his feet and snow/ice balls from between his toes. 
I have recommended your product to everyone who asks and have even showed them to my vet, who has now ordered some for his dogs.  After a trial run, he may use them in his office!!!  Toby's best friend, Stanley, was in need of a pair so his mom ordered a set for each of her dogs!  Finally, I referred your boots to a website that I belong to that provides natural treat recipes for dogs and they are putting it out in their next newsletter.  Again, thanks for such a great product and I hope my recommendations have proven profitable to you!!
Monica L. Barrett
Milwaukee, WI  

Friday 28 January, 2011

Bonnie has bad arthritis in her front paws (toes), to be honest we have given up with what the vets were doing as the boots seem to help her more than anything we have tried. Her walking improves by at least 20% to the point a good hour walk is enjoyable again, her back feet are perfect so no shoes needed.
I am looking for a long term answer for Bonnies problem as she is not 8 yet and the vet isn't the answer!

The boots do far more than the vet has come up with to date.  She even seems to like me putting the boots on her, she sits and offfers her paw, maybe because she knows she is going out, but before i was having to carry her accross a concrete car bar that hurt her feet, we dont have that problem with the boots.

 your neo boots answer all our problems, they stay on, the dog likes them, we walk as per normal with another healthy yet older dog.
thanks Steve



Stephen Beasley
Sunday 23 January, 2011

Hi, its high time to get Whiskers (the wonder dog) some new boots. She is almost 10 years ols and still doing 35 mile mountain bike rides thanks to the Neo-Paws! 

Thanks for everything !



Friday 21 January, 2011

Dear Ronnie

I just received refund. Thanks!
Here are my dog's pictures with the shoes.

Her name is CHOBI. She just turned 16 years old 2 days ago.
Her only problem is arthritis and your shoes are perfect to protect her toe and grab ground better.
Well obviously I couldn't have her wear them in her front paws correct because she didn't need (or she thought she didn't need) them on her front paws, but for her rear legs where she has arthritis problem, they are really perfect!
She loves them and really happy walking around with them.

(my friend ordered 2 pairs recently for his dog and they are very happy too!)


Wednesday 19 January, 2011

Hi Ronnie
Thanks so much for the wonderful raincoat.  I appreciate you calling and double checking the size and despite me still ordering the wrong one, the time in which you shipped out the correct size was excellent along with your helpfulness!
While we don't get any snow here in Bermuda, it does get quite wet during the winter.  I'm extremely excited that we can now take walks no matter the weather.  Thanks again, you can be sure we'll be ordering from you again!!

Sunday 16 January, 2011

Hi Ronnie,

we've now tested the booties to the extreme (hours long wrestling matches with big fluffy dogs) and NOW I understand the hype!  I'm converted :)

I'm using the L on the front with the XL insoles (as the L insoles were shredded) and they stay on like glue.  I've converted my neighbor as well and her golden might be able to wear the XL that I have and in that case I wont be sending them back as she can buy them off me.

ps. The boots survived a 2 hr hike today through water and woodland trails. I had to tighten his front ones after they got soaked in the water but other than that they were great. He fell through the ice, luckily it was only about a foot deep. Looked hilarious though and didn't stop the running!

Thank you again for all your help and patience and for making such a great product !


Linda and Melvin


Linda and Melvin
Thursday 13 January, 2011

Dear Roanna,

Thank you very much for the winter and summer shoes for our boxer Boris, who is celebrating his 10th Birthday today:-) The shoes help him a lot outside and inside from slipping. They are great products!

Best Regards,

Boris & Lena & Jim & Natasha (a cat)

Boris & Lena & Jim & Natasha (a cat)
Thursday 13 January, 2011

Thank you so much!
I received the boots yesterday and they work well. The L would be too big without a bandage underneath but since he has a broken toe the L works perfectly. Once healed up the M+ will be his daily boot for a bit longer.
Great customer service, thanks again!

Thursday 13 January, 2011

January 11, 2011


 These dog shoes are the best we have ever had.  We ordered them for our very large Chesapeake Bay Retriever for the snow and low temperatures that we get at our vacation cabin in Mazama, WA, sometimes in the minus degrees and usually not above freezing all winter.  Size XL for her front paws and size L+ for her rears…they fit just right.


Our dog loves going on walks with us whether it’s X-country skiing or snowshoeing.  Her feet used to suffer on some long outings…snow would freeze to ice in her paws and of course that would lead to sore feet and limping later on.  Other dog boots we tried filled with snow or came off.  Now, with these rubber soled Neopaws, there will no longer be the discomfort of freezing feet for her, and they stay on!


She waddled like a duck and shook her feet like a cat that stepped in water at first when we put them on her inside, but once she was out and we started walking she forgot about them and became her usual excited self, running up ahead and exploring scents.  She ran after her Frisbees and balls and her feet stayed much warmer and dry! 


Thank you for this product!


Marsha Cook

Washington State


Marsha Cook
Tuesday 11 January, 2011

"Just Bought, just Got, just Wearing, just Loving"

Thanks again for everything!

Tuesday 11 January, 2011

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