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Dear Ronnie:)
Wow, I got the package already. All of them fit perfectly -- thank God that you called me to recheck the sizes! My kids (dogs) love them. I will certainly be ordering the summer shoes, too, in a couple of months!

Tuesday 11 January, 2011


Monday 10 January, 2011

Ronnie, Thanks for all your help. We are very happy with the suit and put it to use today at  -3 F . It worked great! I may try to modify it but just in front where it hangs down. I may just leave it the way it is as she had no problem with it. She didn't want to come in since it also kept warmer than without. You can see the fun she was having catching snowballs!
I have included pictures so you can see how it fit and how much fun she had in it. Thank You
Laurie Cartwright

Sunday 09 January, 2011

Dear Roanna

I'm guessing it was you I was talking to on the phone the other day.  I just wanted to say "Thank You' for your personal attention to my order of boots for Nellie Bly (see above).  That's her just a few days after she arrived in my home.  We've been getting to know each other over the last 6 months or so. 

As I said to you, I love your products.  Here in NYC, the city officials just love their rock salt, so I'm looking forward to getting those boots on my girl.  It just breaks my heart watching any of the dogs trying to balance on two legs as they try to figure out why the pavement is biting them.  I'll be sure to take a photo of Nellie wearing your boots and send it along to to you.  And, of course, if anyone in the neighborhood asks about the boots I'll be sure to tell them where I got'em.

Happy Holidays, and a successful new year.

Ilene Rosen

Thursday 06 January, 2011

Hi Ronnie!
I just had to e.mail you back to tell you that everything arrived TODAY! 
Thank you so much for getting the Bottom's Up Leash to me so quickly!!    My Golden, Quincy had his first pee in 6 weeks without a towel being involved (or pee'd on...LOL)!  Now mind you it took a few minutes to figure out how to get it on him because he can only stand for a few seconds,,, but we got it!

Now on the other hand, Daisy is NOT too happy with her Doggles, and no it's not the color,,, she just see's no use for them... however I do, especially when she dying to hang her head out the window come summer time! 
I have attached a photo for your viewing pleasure, as you can see the black would have suited her "complexion" so much better,,, but like I said after the blue hi-lights, it will all be good!  
Thank's again!!
Rai-Anne Hunter

Thursday 06 January, 2011

It's a go!

I have attached several pictures of Reilly's snowshoeing adventure this last weekend.  His boots worked wonderfully and kept his feet nice and dry.  I am thinking of getting the Neo-Paws socks to help with warmth, but it was great to not worry about ice chunks on his paws.  I do have 3 left feet (no pun intended), but they seem to work fine as long as I get into a different position over him to put them on.  Cudos to the neoprene fabric! 

Saturday 01 January, 2011

Hello, My name is Claire and I live in Canada with my little dogs. I have been buying boots for the past 6 years for my pup (only had one dog up until 2 months ago) and every time I would spend oodles of money on the boots they were either too big too cold or NEVER stayed on. Then I found Neo-Paws and thought well what can I lose if I try, I read the web site .. and it promised to have the boots stay on. I thought yeah okay right sure that is what they all say. But I will give it a try.
So I ordered the boots, they arrived and OMG they stay on my dog can actually go out for a walk. Now I have to get a second pair for my other pup and snow suits cause well they both get hair cuts. I look forward to my future orders with Neo-Paws International.. Will recommend this company to anyone who will listen to me and my dogs  
Claire Cooper

Thursday 23 December, 2010

Hi Neo-Paws ;)

I wanted to send you this picture of my dog with his neopaws jacket, he loves it and grabs it every time he wants to go outside.  

Thanks so much, Angelica


Wednesday 22 December, 2010

Hi Ronnie,
Below are pictures of my Tyler in both is black [Lrg] rainsuit and the red rainsuit [Med].
As I said, he fits in both, a bit more room to spare in the Lrg. Black one and I might have to turn the underside up a little so he doesn't pee on himself, his little wee wee is covered!  However, when he lifts his leg it might pull it enough as not to cause a problem, I haven't taken him out in the black one yet, we'll see later.
I took him in the red one day before yesterday because it was raining so hard and we just had to go out for his walk.  He was none-to-thrilled with his new rainsuit ... check out his face!   I'm assuming he'll get used to it in time, but he sort of pretended he couldn't walk when I got him all into it.  He finally walked a little at the dog park but looked like he had hemorrhoids!  However, mission accomplished .. he peed & pooped and came back really dry compared to just wearing his raincoat.
Thanks so much again for all your help, it's not the rainsuit, it's Tyler ... he isn't much for wearing cloths, particularly ones with sleeves ... the pants are just one more indignity in his eyes I'm afraid!
Merry Christmas,
Bonnie Sawyer

Bonnie Sawyer
Tuesday 21 December, 2010

I received the boots yesterday and they fit perfectly (size M to a male Lagotto Romagnolo). 


Today we went to the dog park.   Jay was running around in full speed for one hour in deep snow and they stayed on.  Not once did I have to fix his boots or clean snow of his paws.  Your boots are great. 


Happy Holiday


Helena Orth

PS 10-13 people asked me where I got them.  They were very impressed with them and so am I!!!

Helena Orth
Tuesday 21 December, 2010

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