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This is our second winter since getting Neopaws.  We first tried another brand that ended up falling apart in less than a month.  The Neopaws are holding up extremely well.

Ryanna and I love that we can continue our nightly walks year-round, even in the coldest temperatures.  Her paws don’t get cold or matted with snow, and she’s able to walk confidently on ice, even when going uphill or downhill.  Our next purchase is going to be a head band. 

Thank you Neopaws!

Bill Lenway
Friday 17 December, 2010



Friday 17 December, 2010

Hi Ronnie, I received the boots today and they fit perfectly! The return stuff is in the mail, hopefully you will receive it in a couple days.

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with the service of your company and I will recommend it to people in the future. 

Thank you, happy holidays, Nora 

Friday 17 December, 2010

Thanks Ronnie!  The boots fit great and they really do stay on!!!

I have already recommended neopaws to a friend of mine.



Friday 17 December, 2010

Hello Ronnie,

The boots have passed the Run after the ball like a mad fool test and the
Run in the woods and the snow test with flying colours. With  the gaiters
over the boot, they stayed snugly in place and let in no snow.  The fit is
excellent. There was a bit of a struggle to put them on; this poodle is not
very stoic. They function as advertised. He was still enjoying his walk in
the woods two hours later.

Michel R

Friday 10 December, 2010


We got the shoes and we LOVE them !!!!!!!!

And I mean WE!!!  They stay on, Magnum loves wearing them and I couldn't be happier!

Keep up the good work!

Joe Barton

Thursday 02 December, 2010

Hi Ronnie,
The package arrived today with both rainsuits and hoods.  I tried them both on Tyler and actually, both fit.  The black one is larger but not too big and the red fits like it was custom made for him.  He looks stunning in them though he didn't seem as enthusiastic about his new attire as I was.
Anyway, since I like them both I plan to keep them both, gives me one to spare or one to use when one is drying out should rain be a several day happening.  So, just charge my credit card for both sets and we're all happy!
These are really great and I almost want it to rain just to have to make him wear them.
Thanks so much for your kind and diligent attention to my situation, it's the best customer service I've had in years and I so highly appreciated your trouble.  Hoping you and your family had a lovely holiday ... do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada?  never thought about it.  Anyway, have a lovely weekend ahead.
Best wishes,
Bonnie Sawyer
& Tyler (though I'm not sure he's as thankful as I am...)

Monday 29 November, 2010

HI Ronnie and company, 
just a note with attached photos to let you know that I received the box about an hour ago. HOLY FAST SERVICE BATMAN!! 
Thanks for getting it to me so promptly. 
Of course I had to try the sweaters on the three beagles first...very dashing, I might add. I took some photos to send you and either I'm just the shittiest photographer (more than likely) or I am blind to see the focus (also a problem)...he he. But they aren't too bad. 
The girls are from left: Cassy, Lilly and Ruby...named prior to coming from the rescue or for sure I would have given them some very cool names. But alas, they answered to these names upon arrival and that's all that matters in the doggie world..he he. I'll make them stand out with their fashion!! 

The sweaters are superb and get lots of coverage for under the jackets...which is key in the cold. 

I also included a photo of Lilly and my soon to be in her 15 year cattle dog..'Murphy' or 'Snoop Doggie Dogg' as she is affectionately known. 

Sadly, I have tried to fit her into any number of sweaters and coats over the years, when I was posted to colder climates. Each time I tried a new piece of winter clothing on her, she would look at me with that look to say 'you know I'm not going to stay in this thing'...and she'd very adeptly drop to her back against a hillside, then using her hind legs, pushed herself thru the top of said sweater or jacket only to leave the offending piece of clothing laying there on the ground, where it belonged and me watching & laughing. Too clever.
Apparently, she doesn't need one! he he... But she does keep her doggles on while in the convertible thru the summer...so I'll give her that much. IF you ever want a doggle endorsement photo...I have just the best one, taken on a sunny day, with her in the front seat of my restored, whilte VW cabriolet...it's too perfect. 
anyhow, thank you , thank you....will be sure to recommend you guys to my dog walker. She is here 4 days a week to help me out when I'm at work and she will just love the gear on these girls... 
bye for now 
tracey perrault


Wednesday 24 November, 2010

Hi Ronnie,
We received the boots last night - they're great!  Not only are they functional, they look hilarious on him.  He was a happy dog when we woke up to -33 degree C weather this morning :)

Wednesday 24 November, 2010

Thanks!  Looking forward to the energy shoes.  My dog walks in your shoes 2x a day for 30min to an hour for each walk and gets a lot of compliments from people about them. 
The shoes have helped reduce his allergies greatly!
Thanks again for a wonderful product.


Tuesday 23 November, 2010

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