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Hi Neo-Paws!
I received the boots yesterday and so far they are working out great! The ulcers between Odi's toes are already looking better. I think in a few days he will be healed. I am still getting the hang of putting them on but I'm getting better. He seems more comfortable than he was wearing a bandage, plus the boots are much more beathable and he is healing faster.
Thank you!

Friday 19 November, 2010


I just wanted to let you know that Pugsleigh has passed away tonite around midnight at the vets office, while receiving chemo she died of kidney failure.

Her shoes gave her the confidence that she needed and she died with them on.

My son picked up her shoes today from the vets office, I think Im gonna hang them on my rear view mirror.
Everyone that saw them thought they were the coolest and so did she. So many people complimented her shoes. They did make her look pretty spiffy.
She didnt make it to her 11th birthday. She was born Dec 18, 1999 , diagnosed with lymphoma oct 8, 2010, passed away at midnight Nov. 6, 2010 while undergoing chemo.
Thank you for all your help and patience in getting her properly fitted. They made all the difference in her confidence to walk. As a matter of fact as soon as I put them on her, she walked down the road for the first time in a week or so, since her lymphoma diagnoses. She was so confident that she would stretch her back legs straight out in front of her to get her shoes on. She took to them immediately. 
Im devastated and right now I dont feel like I can ever recover from this. She will be terribly missed, and my whole world is crushed so much that I dont know that I will ever be comfortable coming home, knowing that she wont be here. 

Im sure eventually I will. I feel like Ive been crying for 24 days since her diagnoses, and I probably have.

Rest In Peace my beautiful precious companion Dec 18, 1999 - Nov 7, 2010

Thank you again, Wendy and Pugsleigh

Wendy and Pugsleigh
Monday 08 November, 2010

Hi Neopaws,
Just wanted to say thanks for sending my new dog shoes and thanks for making them. When I found Miss Dolly (picture attached) she was starving by the side of the road and had an injured leg that was atrophied and stiff. 
When she walks she tends to bat her paw against the pavement, so it needs protection or it will get raw and bloody.  I tried some dog shoes from Petco and they would be shredded in about a week.  A Neopaws boot lasts over six months before starting to show significant wear
Miss Dolly has been happily wearing her Neopaws boots for more than two years now.  So again, I thank you and Miss Dolly thanks you!
Tim Henderson
Montgomery, AL

Friday 22 October, 2010

Good Morning
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. I received a phone call the other day after I had placed my order with some concerns that  I had ordered too large a size for my dogs and the woman was right! I re-measured and went down a size. I received the coats yesterday in the mail and they fit GREAT, they also look great. It is amazing in this day and age that companies still have people that care. I have told so many people already and will continue. Thank you!!!!!!!!
Laura Blashkiw

Laura Blashkiw
Tuesday 19 October, 2010


This is BillyBear in his sporty red shoe.
Not an action shot, but he looks pretty cute I think!
(he is a bearded collie but his hair was all cut off pre-surgery!)

The shoe helps stabilize him on the tile floor and in the yard (rock landscape) and the rubber sole helps him grip the floor to stand. We use a sock and a gel insert, and he wears his shoe from morning until bedtime.

He knows it helps him, so he is very cooperative when it comes to "booting up". I think he knows how sporty he looks too!  I cannot thank Neo-Paws enough- especially when I see him run across the yard!


Sunday 17 October, 2010


I got the merchandice!   It's awesome!

I hope to purchase some more soon!

Sincerely yours,

Constanza Schiessler Q.

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Constanza Schiessler Q.
Friday 01 October, 2010

I have never seen a backpack that is designed better, seriously. It actually FITS the dog, and it's soooo soft!

Awesome job, guys!   We will certainly be ordering more:)

Thank you !!!


Jennifer Driggers
Friday 01 October, 2010

I have the indoor / outdoor summer shoes, red and blue and I love, love, love them!!!!
I have a Standard Poodle who will be 14 years old next month and I have marble floors and she could not walk without these shoes on her back feet. I told my friend about you and she ordered from you also.
Thank you Neo-Paws!!!

Thursday 30 September, 2010

Dear Roanna,
Here we are!  We really don't know how to thank you about everything!
We have found right now your package. TNT  have consigned it this afternoon.  
Shoes for Maia are perfect!
All the four pairs have the right size! 
Thank you so much for your professionalism, for your advices, for your patience and your kindness
We will get in touch with you next year :-)
kindest regards and ciaoooooooooooo from Italia
Stefania with Milo (housband) and above all with  Maia (the  happy dog with new shoes :-) )

Tuesday 28 September, 2010

Hi Neo-Paws,
The shoes are marvellous!  Really well made!  Thank-you! We have no more bleeding toes and he actually walks better with them on, in my opinion.
My dog thinks he's half rabbit and jumps -four feet off the ground- when he gets excited. 
Susan Gould

Tuesday 28 September, 2010

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