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Hey Ro-

I wanted to let you know BillyBear is finally able to wear his flashy red shoe!
I had to wait for his paw to completely heal. He has been wearing it for three days now.
He has not once tried to pull it off, and he is able to run through the pebbles (our yard is pea gravel), and it is also helpful on the tile floors- for traction.
He even tried to go up the stairs in a burst of energy (I guess they make him feel like Superman...haha).
So far I am really happy with it.

I did put the gel insert in and am also using a "toddler" sock. He has been really good about it being put on him too- and it was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated without the other leg for support.

The size was perfect- so thank you for adjusting that for me.

I do have a question though- is there any difference between R and L besides the direction they wrap?
I am asking because I am wondering if either can be used or if it has to be side-appropriate.

Of course, if I can use it for him and switch the two out (it does smell like paw at the end of the day ;-) that would be great.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for all of your help. I feel so much better knowing his paw is being protected. 


Wednesday 22 September, 2010

The XS+ boots work great!   Here are some pictures of my boy sporting the new ones. Thanks for making the process so easy.   I wish you could see my little old guy actually running at the Dog Park since the boots keep the grass from irritating his feet.

Every time someone asks me about his boots (Which is often) I tell them exactly where I got them and that they're better than anything you can buy at PetSmart or Petco.

Thanks again so much!


P.s. Dutch isn't very photogenic lol

Sunday 19 September, 2010

Hi I live in Japan.  My dog loves to swim.
When swimming in the river, he puts on shoes and they protect his paws so I never have to worry!

Thank you neo-Paws


Wednesday 08 September, 2010

Good news! Xena loved her new shoes. They did a wonderful job at protecting her feet from the cement and creek bed. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and support!! Allison

Monday 30 August, 2010

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on how Lani is doing with her Neo Paws boots after a few weeks of wear. As soon as she put the boots on the for the time, Lani no longer turned in her right rear hip due to her deformed "pinky" toe nail when she walked, and she is slowly but surely returning to the pain free Saluki we used to know and love. Thank you so much for working with me to fit her correctly. I would recommend these boots to any dog lover whose dog is no longer able to use his or her feet and toes in the "normal" way, and I already have. Plus we get comments on how cool these red "running shoes" boots look from everyone who sees her walking. Thanks again for a great product. Sincerely, Pam Porter and Lani

Monday 30 August, 2010

Thank you for the quick response! I think I will purchase a set of XS+ instead of exchanging, that way I have two sets for his front and back paws. He definitely seems more confident on the grass and gravel(although he's not to fond of putting them on yet:) Here are two pictures of my boy sporting his new boots! Thanks again! Rebecca:)

Wednesday 18 August, 2010

Hi Dolly :) I managed to visit my friend last week with the boots that we ordered that were supposedly were too tight. I managed to get them on so I dont know why my friend and her brother couldn't do the same ... Since Kane, the dog has been wearing them, he's like a new person!!! He has got a lot of his confidence back and walks brilliantly. The boots that you so kindly sent as replacements have now been posted back to you. Thank you once again Dolly for being so tolerant with me !!! there is not many companies would have done what you did once again a big thank you Chris

Monday 16 August, 2010

Hi Ronnie, Just wanted again to thank you for all your help with fitting Haley with her new booties!! Haley got to go on her first walk with her new shoes last night, and did just fine.. Actually she doesn't drag her rear feet with her new shoes on... Strange but what ever works! She loves them, and trots her whole walk these days, she is a happy Lab!The M+ size did the trick. Again thank you for your super service! Best Regards, Mary Best to all and again your customer service was super! Mary Arnold, Broker

Friday 13 August, 2010

Hi, I purchased your summer boots for my Miniature Pinscher that chews on his feet. So far they are working wonderfully although putting them on is not his favorite activity. He is able to walk on the grass/ gravel and even run a little at the dog park when before he refused to because his feet were raw and irritated. I'm hoping with continued use the boots will give his paws a chance to heal fully. Thanks, and I love these boots! Rebecca

Thursday 12 August, 2010

Hi Ronnie, I write this email with sad news Cassidy has left us for heaven. She is missed terribly but she was ready she left like a "lady". Thanks to your shoes she enjoyed and I mean enjoyed life right up to the end for one extra year. I am writing because the last 2 pair of shoes I bought for her are still in the bag. I would like to give life to a another dog who could use them. Are you aware of anyone I could send them to who might be struggling to pay for them right now. They are size Mt. If you know of anyone please let me know. Thanks Cindy Curphey

Wednesday 11 August, 2010

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