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Neo-Paws ! You can see how she likes to lay on the floors - belly all the way down. And, on the job site......just finished at the groomer and one back shoe wasn't on yet but the photo opportunity was just perfect. You will probably see another order from me very very soon - I want to have a pair to leave at our other house..... LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! Thanks! E and Ellie! Erica C. Odom Relay For Life Director Mid-South Division http://www.relayforlife.org

Tuesday 27 April, 2010

Thanks! The XXL fits perfectly! Good call! The XS+ is a bit big for the Maggie Schnauzer but my coworker is going to take it for her dog and order me a XS. See pics attached. Thanks again! Laura

Friday 09 April, 2010

Hello Ro, Thanks for steering me in the right direction, that does seem prudent and I value your much professional opinion. Thank you. You have NOOOO idea how long I’ve been searching for these. I purchased the Nikki boot…lots, it was like going hill walking with slippers on, worse than useless, he is a 10 stone dog. I constructed all sorts of boots from various materials on my trusty old sewing machine, Where was Woolworths when I needed them? I consulted vets and cobblers. Then I goggled “Orthopedic Dog Boots” Walla.. Lo and behold there they were. A miracle. The universe was there for me that day. I was contemplating curtailing his walks because he was bleeding so badly, poor lamb. We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the “magic boots” Cheers Linda

Friday 09 April, 2010

Ronnie, I recently received the two boots for Buddee. I ordered boots for Buddee because he was intermittently dragging a toe and have used only the left boot as that is/was the foot he was dragging. The boot is great in that he picks his foot up higher and no longer drags that toe while wearing the boot. Interesting. Great !!! Bill Martin

Bill Martin
Monday 05 April, 2010

Ronnie, You are right about the sizes for Keek! Her booties and gel-pads fit together, and are wonderful. She's prancy, bouncy, and tail up wagging, running beside me. We're both very happy. Thanks again for helping us, You are the best! From Keek and Shirley

Tuesday 30 March, 2010

Hi: I previously purchased a pair of your Original Summer Outdoor & Indoor Orthopaedic High Performance Shoes for my golden retriever. They are truly a life saver for her!!! She is almost 14 years old. Before the shoes she would just sleep all day on our carpets. Now she gets up by herself and actually gets exercise walking everywhere. She will not walk on our wood floors unless she has her shoes on! And here's my sweet old golden - she'll be 14 this year - Her name is Samantha and she just loves her shoes! So many thanks Neo-Paws!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alberta Zinno Florida

Monday 29 March, 2010

These shoe's have been incredible for Ellie's overall health and mobility and your right - they stay on! Somehow on a recent outing, we lost one front shoe. We just can't have three shoes so today is the day we forfeit the search and order the replacement and believe me, we have searched high and low over and over. We suspect that the shoe is in an area filled with thorns and briars. When she got back, she had thorns all tangled in her fur and bodock sprigs around her legs - it was a hard fought battle for the shoe but I am affraid we lost. She had a few scratches but not a single injury to her pads / feet! THANK YOU SO MUCH - We love these shoes!

Monday 22 March, 2010

Hi Ronnie The items were a godsend to be honest! My bichon had a lick granuloma (now is starting again :( )and initially my first order was really doing the trick. I did find that the "S" size was a little short on all sides so I've decided to size up to "M". He's also done a fair bit of chewing on them now and has figured out how to get in behind the velcro strap on the neoprene ones. One thing I think would be a great improvement to the leg wraps is if the velcro patch ran all along the side so that I could wrap the whole length of the neoprene. But overall, it's been the most effective thing I've found. It allowed me to get the one wound healed. Now that he's started up again, I have no doubt these will help me get the wound under control. Such a hassle, that dog!! Can't wait to get them and wrap him all up again! Alicia Hey Pretty Lady Make-Up Design heyprettylady.ca Get the look you're looking for.

Alicia Tonks
Monday 15 March, 2010

Ronnie, Thank you so much! Here are some pictures of Mac having a blast with his new COMFY shoes! Mac is 10 years old and has severe arthritis in his front paw digits and wrist joints. Moderate in his back feet. We took him for a nice walk for the FIRST time in quite a while and he trotted eagerly and proudly (even when a few ladies giggled at his unique footwear) and he didn't slow down or even limp until the very very end of our walk. Thanks again!!! Jennifer

Sunday 14 March, 2010

Hi Ro, I just wanted to let you know how Morgan's Neopaws boots helped save his paws. Morgan had a severe accident in January. Our apartment building was having the balconies changed. They neglected to let me know that they would be using jack hammers for 8 hours. If I had known I would have made arrangements for Morgan to be somewhere else. Anyway he got scared and tried to get away from the noise. Morgan jumped up on our bar and cut all his paws from a glass bowl and pitcher. He had to have stitches and all of his paws were bandaged for 5 weeks. While his paws were healing he wore his boots outside. The Neopaws protected and supported his healing paws and they stayed on great! He is fine now after a number of visits to the vet and bandage changes. The Neopaws boots helped with his healing process. I am so glad that we had bought him the neopaws boots. We will be down in the summer to get him some summer shoes. Bye for now Nancy, Jeff and Morgan

Wednesday 10 March, 2010

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