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Ronnie !!! The booties were a HIT in DC today!!! We can't thank you enough for having sponsored our walk across America www.kivawalk.com! The products are incredible and helping my partner Kanoa so much ! Thanks again, we are very grateful! Jon

Jon Stalls
Wednesday 10 March, 2010

Dear Ronnie, I received my order yesterday. The medium rain suit is the right size. I am going to have to practice putting on the boots. Chloe's long hair does makes it harder, but I don't want to trim too much, just for an occasional rainy day. And Chloe is going to have to adjust to walking in the boots. After a while, she went up and down the stairs, and seemed to be having fun. The medium boots for her front paws are the correct size. The small+ for hind paws may be too small, but as I said I need to practice putting them on. (Next set of comments a few days later): I came up with an idea on how to get Chloe's boots on without her beautiful long hair getting in the way - Putting baby socks on first! We tried it today, and her boots went on so much easier. The reason that I purchased the NEO-PAWS Saddle Bags is because I have been watching Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer program, and Cesar recommends a "back pack." He believes that a back pack gives a working type dog a job to do, especially hyperactive high energy dogs, and increases the benefit of the daily walk. I wanted a black one, one that was easy to put on and take off, and one that wasn't too cumbersome. I scoured the internet and discovered the NEO-PAWS Saddle Bags. I couldn't be happier! Thank you for the excellent service! Sincerely, Jan Johnston

Jan Johnston
Sunday 07 March, 2010

Hi, I got the shoes yesterday - I am really happy with them! I will always be a Neo-Paws customer ! Thanks! Eleanor

Eleanor Afuta
Wednesday 03 March, 2010

Ronnie We got the muzzle and it fits beautifully and is soft and it only took him about 10 minutes to settle into it. Thank you for the prompt shipping. I will recommend you to all. Juli Steinhauer Boulder, CO

Wednesday 03 March, 2010

Got the boots in yesterday and we're stylin! Delores isn't too excited about them yet, but the fit is just fantastic. Attaching a few pictures for you. :o) Thank you so much and all the best, Rebecca

Monday 01 March, 2010

Just wanted to let you know I received the order last night. I repaired one of my dog's boot with a piece of material and the glue I bought from Neo-Paws and was highly impressed this morning. What a great job it does. I want to thank you again for the recommendation. Thanks again, of course I will be recommending your website to those that inquire about my dog's boots. (Which are quite a few people) most of them strangers in fact, ask me where I get the boots from. In my area I think I have only seen maybe one or two dogs with boots (not the neoprene). I highly recommend them to anyone that has a dog to protect their feet. (They all say how cute they look too!) In all of my research for boots for my dog I have found the Neo-Paws to be the best in quality, design and durability. High regards, Leslie Sanborn P.S. I just wanted to let you know.

Leslie Sanborn
Friday 26 February, 2010

i must say i have never come across such an amazing product. i have a staffordshire terrier and she loves the boots. they DONT come off even when she is running in the deep snow. when i take out the boots she is now excited to go for a walk in the winter . thank you for your help jeff

Thursday 25 February, 2010

Greetings, My amazing step-son Jon and his companion Kanoa are leaving tomorrow to embark their trek across American: www.Kivawalk.com. Your willingness to support his (their) efforts and sponsor him is incredibly heartening and important– you’ve chosen a great cause and a great kid to get behind. I am so appreciative! Thank you! Ann DeForest-Stalls Director Office of Scheduling and Advance Governor Bill Ritter Jr. 136 State Capitol

Ann DeForest-Stalls
Thursday 25 February, 2010

The shoes arrived on friday. The fit is perfect - I can just squeeze the splint in & the shoes that you picked are perfect! I trimmed a little bit off the length & Jock is now getting about well with his splint & shoe. Many thanks for your help, Jane

Monday 22 February, 2010

Hey Ronnie, got the shoes yesterday, they fit perfect, and he didn't take long to get used to them. I can see that he really likes how his little feet feel with them on outside on the snow & ice. AWESOME!! I didn't have any trouble putting them on him at all. Thanks, love them, Melody :)

Thursday 18 February, 2010

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