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We received our pink boots! We took a 3 mile walk in the snow and our old sheltie did really well. Her left rear paw is deformed from so many surgeries, so the one boot is a little too big, but we made it work. We are very impressed with your company and the time you took to stay in contact with us. We will certainly recommend NeoPaws to all our dog loving friends.

Tuesday 22 December, 2009

I bought Neopaws boots for my dog, Vinnie, three years ago. Three years later, they continue to be the most valuable dog-related purchase I've made! We don't get much snow and ice here in the DC region, but we get enough to make winter walks really miserable for little Vinnie. He hates getting his paws wet and cold, but the salt is worse. It eats away at his paws and the paw pads become cracked and painful. With his Neopaws, he can walk pain-free in the snow, ice, and salt! His shoes have been well-used over the past three winters and we're almost ready for a new pair, but they have held up surprisingly well. Vinnie has grown very accustomed to having the shoes put on before walks and he is very comfortable in them. In fact, if it's snowing out, he won't step outside without them! There are other dog shoes on the market, but Neopaws are the best. We also use the summer boots for hiking and walking on the hot pavement, and those too have been wonderful. Attached are a picture and video of Vinnie wearing his Neopaws during the recent DC-area blizzard. Thanks! Andrea & Vinnie Washington, DC

Monday 21 December, 2009

Thank you so much for finding my return! I am attaching a picture of my dog in her suit. It is the greatest thing for a poodle because their hair gets so wet! She doesn't mind having it on at all. Thank you for this product. Terry

Terry Styskal
Tuesday 01 December, 2009

Hello Ronnie, Thank you for taking the time to contact me before shipping my order so that I could adjust the size of Willow's rain suit in line with your recommendation. The medium would have definitely been too large. When I first put it on her she was reluctant to move but after bribing her with a favourite treat she was soon quite comfortable with it. Your service was very quick (2 days)and your professionalism beyond reproach. I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend Neo Paws to my acquaintances. Ross Jamieson Peterborough, ON, Canada

Ross Jamieson
Tuesday 01 December, 2009

Ronnie, We finally got enough snow and ice to start using the shoes I ordered. As always, I am very impressed with the quality of your products. Thank you for making a high-quality shoe that allows me to work my Border Collie through the Alaskan winters. I thought you would like to see the shoes in action, so I attached some photos of Izzy and her new shoes. Sincerely, Truitt Smith

Truitt Smith
Tuesday 24 November, 2009

Les chaussures sont arrivées hier! Comme promis, voilà Albus en action! J'ai un peu de mal a bien enfiler la chaussure à cause de tous les poils sur la pattes, mais ça va venir! Merci pour tout, et plein de léchouilles d'Albus Eugénie

Monday 23 November, 2009

Hi Ronnie, I wanted to let you know how well the boots work. Our almost 11 yr old German Shepherd was having so much trouble just getting up, could sit, and difficulty walking on our tile/wood floors. Her back end would collapse and many times she would be in pain. Since we purchased your summer boots she has been like a young dog again, being more active and playful in the house and not show any signs of being in pain. The rubber soles are fantastic! We purchased all 4 boots but we started with the rear only. She didn't take long at all to get use to them and she doesn't mind getting them put on now. Next will be the fronts. Thanks!!! Alana

Wednesday 28 October, 2009

The boots have changed over time and only got better. It's almost as if they got better as Luke got worse. This year Neo-Paws launched their new summer reinforced energy shoe and Luke needed these newest boots just in time! He shuffles and goes through his boots faster than most because they rub on the ground and wear through. Now Ronnie at NeoPaws has sent me a rubber fixative to put on the rubbed off part, shoo goo and this really helps keep the boots alive longer! Luke's Orthopedist says he's a miracle! He attributes most of Luke's longevity to a great diet and that he never stopped moving! His feet now turn under and he scrapes the tops. BUT....of course he won't leave the house without his boots on. HE KNOWS! He will go to the door and no matter how bad he wants to go out....he will wait for his boots! The boots are in a fixed position and are form-fitting. They put his foot in a normal position so he can walk normally. His doctor also says that having the rubber cushioning on his feet for so long helped his bad hips from deteriorating as fast! So the truth is.....good diet or not....Luke would not be here if it were not for these boots! Luke has been an example to hundreds of other dog owners who's dogs have foot problems as well as Vets and Veterinary Specialists who have done surgery and had the dogs people call me about Luke's boots! In closing, Luke and I thank Ronnie and NeoPaws from the bottom of our hearts and souls for keeping us together! Always, Amy

Sunday 25 October, 2009

Luke Skywalker the black lab/chow mix is going to be 17 years old on Valentines Day 2010! In 1999 he started having signs of hip dysplasia and then had to have surgery on both knees. His hind quarters were so compromised that he started to drag his rear right foot. He would barely pick it up off the ground. The effect was that he would scrape his pads off and bleed and after lots of rehab in the pool he got markedly better. The vets had (so called), boots that really were more like tube socks. I must have gone through 40 of them! I had to reshape them with heavy tape and be as creative as I could be. Actually making a shoe out of duct tape and cotton. I had a human cobbler actually make him a leather boot which lasted longer but not good enough. Went through many of those as well. By 2003 it was obvious that he would never be able to really pick up his right foot enough to clear the pavement. MY SEARCH BEGAN! I had a healthy dog with a problem, thats all! When I found NeoPaws, his right foot had begun to curl up due to lack of putting pressure on it. He pretty much hopped on his left leg. So in 2003 he received his first NeoPaws boot! He wore his boot every single day until this moment, October 2009!!! He walked normally in his new boot and got back all his muscle and more! His foot relaxed a bit and flattened out. In the last 4 years he has had to wear boots on both rear feet because he wore out his good left foot. To be continued in next comment ...

Sunday 25 October, 2009

Hi Ronnie, Here are a couple of photos of Maddie in her new shoes. The shoes are great, Maddie can go anywhere she likes now as her feet are protected from the bindies that are everywhere at the moment and were limiting her walks to only foot paths. I think the new summer reinforced energy shoes suit her nicely! We have had heaps of comments so hopefully you'll get a few orders from caring Australian dog owners! Thanks again! Kind regards, Kylie. Kind regards, Kylie

Kylie & Maddie
Monday 19 October, 2009

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