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Seiger in his red boots at Bachman-Bernard in Greenville, Tennessee.
Mary Ellen Fox

Thursday 05 September, 2013


First, thank you for the very quick delivery.   As you can see in the attached photo, Couper’s spiffy green and blue striped shoes have arrived.   There was no adjustment period for him at all; I don’t even think he realizes he’s wearing them!

Couper is 13 years old and since having surgery for his torn CCL, he has trouble keeping his rear legs from sliding out.  Walking on our hardwood floors and porcelain tiles was becoming a dangerous challenge for him.  Thankfully his new shoes have solved this problem.  We leave them on all day and take them off at night.  We call them his “house slippers”.

Also, we’d like to order him a second pair because . . . well doesn’t every dog deserve at least two pairs of shoes?! J  I’m going to look through your catalogue to see which ones we want to order. 


Phyllise Kaye,  Stroud, Ontario

Tuesday 03 September, 2013


The fancy blue shoes just arrived!  They are cute!  

And, Cessna's foot goes right in the shoe. 

Thanks for all of your patience;

Oh, and the Epson salt is helping his paws a lot to

heal the swollen paws!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Traci Bugosh

Tuesday 27 August, 2013

Hi Ronnie !

Just wanted to say a big thank you,  as i told you henry my dog could only bunny hop everywhere before he had his boots and now he can use all 4 paws when walking. ....your boots have give him mobility again and a whole new lease of life. ...he loves showing his boots off and i think he thinks  he's superior to other dogs now hehehe! !
So a big thank you i feel is in order and i will recommend your site when ever people ask about his boots,  5 star rating! 
Again thank you Neo-Paws and thank you for all your help Ronnie in ordering them. 
Adele x

Monday 26 August, 2013

Dear Ronnie,
My dog was five and a half when she first started wearing boots for the winter for walks.  It took her two days to adjust to the feel of boots as at first she refused to move in them because she can be an incredibly  stubborn girl.  But once she got over taking high steps in them, she adjusted well.  She then started climbing up snow banks and sniffing and taking care of business in them as though they weren't even on.
But most importantly, she did not pause (no pun intended) in her walks once she was wearing shoes.  Apparently they kept her feet dry or warm or protected from the salts that are placed on the road.  Also her hair takes a long time to dry so her feet were more inclined to remain dry and not smelly on those snowy winter walks.  I only use the boots for walks, not for being let outdoors just to walk around the yard.  If the shoes get salty, I wash the neoprene off and put them by the wood stove and they are dry and ready for wear the next day.

So this spring I bought her summer shoes the reinforced steel sneakers so I can take her to the beach, on hot surfaces etc and just everywhere.  She is not resistant now to having the shoes placed on her.  They get a lot of use so I just wash them if they get dirty, as we trek along beaches, streams etc and they are dry the next day.  

Love these shoes, and I think the stubborn little Bergamasco (Italian Sheepdog) does too-just doesn't want to admit it. :)   I am most appreciative to you, Ronnie for making such a perfect shoe-- it is the only one out there worth spending money on.  I don't buy my dog diamond bracelets or fancy outfits or carriages, but I do take the responsibility to provide her with things that keep her healthy and fit.  I told my vet about this product so she can be enlightened and pass along the word to those in need, or those who care about their dogs too.  Take very good care of your canine friend-invest in these products for them-PLEASE!!
Susanne McCarthy

Monday 26 August, 2013

Jenner Von Jenner says these are the best shoes I have ever used!

We were first introduced to the shoes at Tail Waggers in Mammoth  Lakes California where the terrain can be very abrasive  to a dogs pads, and these shoes are a life saver.
We can go on 12+ mile hikes a day with out worrying about Jenner's paws. Jenner
is a powerful 105 pound dog and these shoes stay on while running, walking or
swimming. Looking forward to trying the new improved shoe!  


Monday 12 August, 2013

By the way my own Bernese Mountain Dog have had one pair of SUMMER REINFORCED ENERGY™ ORTHOPAEDIC SHOES and they were absolutely magnificent!! I needed them because my dog's paw is injured and he can not walk without shoe on the hard ground L But wearing the shoe it seems like there would be no problem with  his leg at all !

I attached a picture of my joyful and running Blue too J  Thank you for the excellent job!!!



Friday 19 July, 2013


Karen Jensen 
Orthopedic Summershoes 
We got our new shoes on Saturday! Dinah, my 15 year old Labrador Retriever, got used to them right away, and they help her get around nicely. The video I've enclosed shows us on her first walk. I have added a harness, so I can catch her when she stumbles, but the shoes are great. It's also wonderful to be able to walk her outside without worrying about the hot asphalt on her paws! 

Thursday 11 July, 2013

Hello Neo-Paws !!!

I haven’t forgotten to send you the pic of my beautiful

Troyleaus in his new shoes! We just haven’t been to the river

as yet , but in the meantime here’s Tara who is grateful to have the protection on her sore paw! We all thank you so much, Susanna

Tuesday 09 July, 2013


Hi Ronnie,

Layla enjoying her new shoes!!

Best regards,

Bob Hartnack

Monday 08 July, 2013

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