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Customer Referral

The Customer Referral Program is a unique and easy way for existing customers to benefit from promoting the NEO-PAWSTM products ! We know that you have used our products and are very pleased with their quality. So pleased, in fact, that you want to extend the good news to your family, friends, neighbors, veterinarian and pet shop.

In appreciation of your loyalty and efforts, NEO-PAWSTM is willing to offer you a 10% commission on every sale made to your contacts. The calculated amounts will sit in your account, to be redeemed on your next NEO-PAWSTM purchase.

On the NEO-PAWSTM Website, there is a download button of a page containing ten (10) business cards. On each card, you will write your automated Customer ID number which is generated when you first sign up at our site. This becomes your Customer Referral Number. Please note that you are responsible for printing several copies of the page, either on your computer or at a print shop, either in colour or in black & white.

When dealing with a potential customer, simply give them a business card and ask them to copy/enter your Customer Referral number in the box/field available on the NEO-PAWSTM Order Form. By doing this, the new customer also enjoys a discount on their purchase from us. A win-win situation for all concerned !

Download and print your own Referral Card.

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