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Why Choose the Neo-Paws™ Shoes?
  • Initiators of the 'dog shoe' over 20 Years ago
  • Original, innovative and functional, patented design!
  • The highest quality materials imaginable selected, offering a long lasting product!
  • Comfortable for the animal ! No protruding seams inside anywhere to hurt the dogs paws or legs and of any shoe, dogs like wearing these! Yes, they told us!
  • Extra-long reflective straps positioned strategically, that can be wrapped over and above the dog's sensitive dew claw area causing no irritation to the animal when walking or running
  • Sold in pairs in the case only one or two shoes are needed and most importantly will accommodate different sizes for front and back paws if required
  • Orthopaedic, built-in shock and sweat absorbing padded insoles for maximum comfort
  • 4 Models and 5 brilliant colours to choose from, offering seasonal advantages:
    • Totally breathable for indoor or summer use
    • Extremely warm for cold winter use
    • Ideal for in-water use
    • Can be used on any terrain
  • Durable rubber soles that last with toe caps for ultimate protection against dragging paws and abrasive surfaces
  • Higher form-fitting tops with a double Velcro System enable these shoes tostay on in any environment!
  • Built to last!
  • No harm was done to animals through the testing of this product
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