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TRACY L. CLARK Phd. Energy Healing aka TLC HEALING Inc.

Motto:  Stay open to everything and judge nothing...

Tracy is committed to guiding people to creating the lives that they crave in sustainable ways. Whether she is working with individuals of all walks of life and / or their animals, she steps out of judgment and encourages you or the animal to step into the potential and frequency that is unique to your own blueprint for lasting success in any area of your lives.

The process with animals is simple and quick and in a very short time, Tracy will assess any Blockages in Energy that may be present. Her story is similar to many. OR is it? For years she maintained a successful career in corporate Canada, managing many departments and hundreds of people across the country for a variety of well-known company and organizations. She was often sought out to represent these companies as a spokeswoman though she knew it wasn’t her true calling.

For over 13 years she had been researching and practicing non-traditional energy methods; all the while she was working on her own issues that were holding her back from following the path she was meant to follow. She was born with many medical challenges; her nervous system was fried, she had a pectus excavatum chest wall, her legs were not attached to her hip sockets, and a stomach valve That was sealed shut, went undetected until it was almost too late. Living in a remote area of northern Manitoba, and with medicine not what it is today, there was little understanding of how Doctors could help her. In 2002 after she ended a highly abusive and toxic marriage her body was failing her and she was ready to give up.

However, with two small children in tow it was not an option. She made the demand to do whatever it takes in order to take care of my hildren and to have a life that she could enjoy waking up to. She was led to a women who was a highly trained professional in Body Talk as well as many other modalities. This methodology gave her an access to understanding how emotions and beliefs were affecting her body.  “Ancestral patterns and cellular memories were creating most of her trauma since birth. As her body began to heal life started to become bearable.” She became fascinated and wanted to learn more about other energy work and how it could change hers life.  She read books by energy field experts like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Dr. Emoto. This lead her to study over seven various modalities which facilitated her to excel in tapping into her own energy field so she could move out these detrimental energies and clear all negative influences affecting her mind, body and spirit. As she peeled back and dissolved the layers, she reclaimed my health. I found inner peace, which she never thought would be possible. After years of working on friends and family, people began asking for personal sessions and her practice grew organically via word of mouth into a full practice. When she works with you or your pet’s energy, she directly connects to that energy field. She works on a cellular memory level and body frequencies and disconnects them from collective consciousness and programming that no longer serve you or the animal in any area of life. Although she has trained in many modalities, her own intuition guides her through every session allowing clients to move through their own awakening to discover the greatness of who they truly are!

Words from Tracy:

‘I feel truly blessed to be a Personal and Corporate Intuitive Life Coach, Teacher and International Speaker, creating change and transformation for my clients from the inside out. I always wondered why my path was so challenging. Through my work I discovered that when I could clearly see and own that , I had the power to choose to create something else for my life, everything shifted.   I have successfully reversed all physical challenges and have created a life that I feel so blessed to live. It has become my privilege to help people around the world discover that they can own the power to choose what and how they are creating in their lives. Because of the extent of my experiences, there is not one person or pet who comes to me that I cannot relate to. In this way I can see how truly blessed I have been and continue to be and this is my heartfelt desire for each and every one of you!’

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

- Beverly Sills

1 telephone or In-Person Session = 20 minutes  = $40.00  


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Please view video of Tracy talking about what she does and the importnace of it : 



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